Luyanda Sidiya together with Thoko Seganye founded Luthando Arts Academy in 2006 and registered it as an NPO in 2007. Sidiya and Seganye who have made extensive inroads into the performing arts scene as dancers, tutors and choreographers saw a need to plough back into the Vaal community the back yards of which Sidiya was born, raised and still resides.


  • Adult Dance Classes
  • Kids Classes aged from 6 to 15
  • Technique Classes
  • Violin Lessons
  • Percussion Lessons
  • Indigenous Dance Lessons
  • Urban Dance Lessons


      School outreach
    • We Send professional dancers to schools
      Communal outreach
    • We send facilitaters to community arts organisations


    • We create productions
    • Professional dancers | Composers and Choreographers
    • Staging a show for theatre
    • Corporate and Industrial Theatre
    • We meet the needs of the clients or themes of the client
    • Creating an artistic work that speaks directly at and enhances the vision of the clients.

    Vision and Mission

    Luthando Arts Academy's vision is to promote the understanding and appreciation of African and Contemporary dance, using traditional music and contemporary Choreographic methods and new technologies.

    Luthando Arts Academy articulates and communicates this vision by creating and performing original works, new dance theatre and presenting an associated programme of outreach activity of the highest quality.

    Implicit within the vision is the company's mission to evolve into a nationally and internationally recognised force for Contemporary African Dance and Music.

    Company History

    Based in Sedibeng, formerly known as the Vaal Triangle in Sebokeng, Luthando Arts Academy has sought to make a unique contribution to Contemporary African dance and music locally, regionally and nationally.

    The company has also developed an excellent reputation and wide client base for the development of education and outreach dance projects.

    In addition to the fast-track development of aesthetics, choreographic language, and artistic direction and production values of the professional (Performance) - dance projects have been welcomed and well received by promoters, funders and audience.

    Having established the viability of its two key products - education / outreach work and professional dance performance, the company reviewed its position as a producer and employer.

    Present | Active | Connected